Monday, May 9, 2011

Tales of The Cocktail: Preemptive Strike (Part 1)


Thanks to a variety of planets aligning, I'll be attending Tales of the Cocktail this July, and as in previous years I'll be doing my level best to soak up as much booze-centric information as possible. If you're one of the seven people who read this blog regularly, you may remember my wrap-up from the first year I went to Tales, and also some observations from my second time around. I'll be endeavoring to do likewise again in a couple of months' time.

However, this year I'll be doing things a bit differently. Yes, I'll still be shambling around like a slack-jawed ape trying vainly to process the sensory orgy that is a 5-day hoochfest placed smack in the middle of downtown New Orleans. But this time I'm coming armed with three things I didn't have back in '09: A laptop computer, a Facebook account and a Twitter account.

See, the goal for me this time is to send back a few dispatches from the field in a somewhat timely fashion, rather than relying on my faulty memory and a stack of smeared handwritten notes to provide a post-mortem. Provided my dubious technological skill set doesn't fail me, I intend to report in as faithfully as possible throughout the event.

I'll also be doing a handful of posts and updates in the weeks leading up to Tales, so if you're the kind of person who enjoys stuff like sneak previews and movie trailers, then you should probably go wherever they have those, because here I'm just going to be discussing seminars with names like "A Critical Design Analysis Of The Hawthorne Strainer (With Emphasis On Metal Fatigue And Fluid Dynamics)" and "The Solera Method: A Noble Tradition...Or Just Plain Cheatin'?"

But if that kind of thing sounds up your alley, then you can periodically check in here, and also look for @DoctorBamboo on Twitter. If Facebook is your thing, then go here. Of course the best option is to actually come to New Orleans and meet me for a drink. We'll put it on Morgenthaler's tab.


Doug Winship said...

See you there, my good Doctor!

Cynthia Closkey said...

I look forward to your on-the-scene reporting. Now we just need for someone to create a way to send a drink via internet -- only then will the web have realized its true potential.

Tiare said...

Looking forward to meet you at Tales!

Tiare said...

Btw AWESOME drawing - as usual!

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Awesome drawing for sure, it is a great event, lasts year's was very very good.