Friday, September 24, 2010

Moonlighting: September '10


Here I go again, pointing you toward other places where you can marinate in my cocktail-centric musings. As always, I bear no responsibility for any ill effects your lifestyle may suffer as result of reading my click the clink, you take your chances.

Publisher, deejay, burlesque enthusiast and all-around retro impresario Java has just launched the latest issue of Bachelor Pad Magazine . This time around I ponder the relationship between cocktails and the undead...


Most vampires are well above the the legal drinking age and therefore know a good drink when they taste one.

And the crew continues to damage its good reputation by letting me contribute each month...


You wouldn't believe how many of these signs are posted throughout Pittsburgh.


Drumming...drinking...they have more in common than you'd think.


What? You never saw a tiki wearing a nurse's cap before?


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