Friday, June 11, 2010

Moonlighting: June '10


Once again it's time to point you to other places where you can get a fat dose of cocktail-related foolishness rendered in words and pictures...

Bachelor Pad Magazine continues to bring it's bi-monthly cavalcade of retro-centric lifestyle goodies to your town! In the new issue I check out a classic cocktail that has me wishing the postal service would make some serious upgrades...


Wouldn't it be great if your mail was delivered by perky gals in jetpacks?

Also, the swell gang over at continues to flout sound editorial policy by running my column each month...


I don't know if this book actually exists, but if it does, I want it.


Sometimes I wish a had a crystal ball I could use to determine my next drink.


If anyone out there actually has a grill shaped like a cocktail glass, call me.


Tiare said...

Cheers Dr B! when you see that book "Ye Old Booze" please call me..

Excellent drawings!


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