Friday, March 5, 2010

Moonlighting: March '10


If you're wondering why mailboxes everywhere are giddy with anticipation, it's because the new issue of Bachelor Pad Magazine is here! In this issue I unearth a classic cocktail and use it as a flimsy excuse to draw a pagan god brandishing barware...


Even divine beings need a cocktail from time to time.

And if those aren't enough booze-themed words & pictures for you, I encourage you to swing over to and find answers to pressing questions such as...


WHY is a there a tiki in a cannon?


WHO gave an ice cube a crown and scepter?


WHERE can apples and sloe berries conduct a torrid affair?


Marshall said...

Craig, I may just have to steal your pagan bar god as my next tattoo. That is awesome! Cheers!

Tiare said...

Great post and fun!

Some day i`m gonna ask you to draw a Tee for me..

Ann Harrison said...

I am so glad I click the "Next Blog" button on the top of my blog!

So glad I found you.

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haha sounds a little crazy for me but well sounds pretty cool still, but wel thanks for share.