Monday, September 14, 2009

Moonlighting: Sept '09

I've been falling down on the job. From time to time, I'm apparently supposed to use this space to alert visitors to other places they can go see my stuff. Many of my hooch-soaked colleagues do this, and it's high time I got on the stick too.

Here's a couple other places you can go see some more of my booze-centric words & pictures:


Brains from outer space need quality cocktails too.

Since late '07, I've had the privilege of writing and illustrating the "Last Call" cocktail column for Bachelor Pad Magazine. BPM is a quarterly periodical* that brings you the finest in retro living: Classic movie reviews? Hip lifestyle advice? Interviews with swell people? Zany cartoons? Nifty fiction? Shapely & seductive women by the truckload? Bachelor Pad Magazine has 'em all.

Subscribe here and find out why I drew a brain in a flying saucer filled with liquor (aside from the obvious reasons).


Monkeys make fine bartenders if provided with the proper tools and motivation.

I've also been writing & drawing a monthly column for since about this time last year. It can be found in their monthly newsletter, which contains a multitude of drink recipes, photos, and news from the world of cocktailing. So if you want to keep abreast of compelling issues such as the evolving relationship between primates and mixology, you can subscribe here, and also catch up on previous installments in the archives.

Thanks for stopping by!

* Made with real ink and paper! Not like those flimsy online magazines that disappear if you kick the plug out of the wall.


Tiare said...

Great post Dr B, and its interesting to see your writings and amazing drawings in other places as well.

Eugene Ebeneezer Quillsworthy said...

Impressive, I didn't know the far reaching influence and subtle machinations of the illustrious Dr Bamboo. His army of devoted followers rivals that of Dr No and Goldfinger. Where's the super-secret underground complex and luxury retro lounge located? . . . .

twoblindpigs said...

Great post!

Dr. Bamboo said...

T.- Thanks! You're very kind as always. ;-)

Mark- the location of the Liquor Lab will be disclosed very soon!

2BP- Glad you enjoyed it...thanks for stopping by!

online pharmacy said...

I love your illustrations so much! I wonder if you have more stuff like this in your blog