Wednesday, March 12, 2008



I know what you’ve all been thinking: “Dr. Bamboo’s blog is okay…but what would really be neat was if there was some way his crackpot musings and goofy pictures could be printed on paper and sent to my mailbox!”

Oddly enough, this can happen.

Since last Fall, I’ve been moonlighting as the drinks columnist for Bachelor Pad Magazine. I probably should have mentioned it back then, but I tend to procrastinate.

BPM is the brainchild of Java, all-around swell cat and proprietor of online hot spot Java's Bachelor Pad. He was kind enough to ask me to contribute, and I was happy to oblige. Aside from lifestyle advice, movie reviews, entertaining tips and nifty pinups, the magazine also contains a cocktail recipe and original illustration by yours truly. (The above image is from my column in the premiere issue…if you can guess which drink it represents, you will win a valuable cash prize *)

So why am I bringing it up now? Because issue #3 is now available! To check it out, go here.

*Not really


nerdling said...

No idea what drink it is, but is Frank reaching behind his own back with that cocktail glass? Apparently even monsters go in for yoga these days...

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like it's time to subscribe to a new magazine!

Dr. Bamboo said...

Marleigh- It *is* a strange posture. The figure on the playing card I used for reference was contorted that way too, so I figured Frank could pull it off(Being that he's a Hollywood icon, I assume he has a personal trainer).

Dood- If you like retro/vintage stuff with a hearty dash of cheekiness, you'll dig it.

Todd Abrams said...

There are few things as satisfying as getting paid to write about drinks.